Griffin Award

Know a writer who has made a difference? Nominate them for a Griffin Award!

The Griffin Award recognizes those who have made a contribution to Canadian society through the craft of writing. It is named for Ed Griffin, one of the founders of the conference. Way back in 1993, Ed had attended other writers' conferences, and he worked hard in concert with the Surrey School District to bring this conference to life. He has been a teacher, a writer and a civil rights advocate, and this award was established in 2003 to honour his accomplishments and laud others who strive to have their words make a difference.

Do you know a writer who shines a light so that others may succeed? A writer who uses their own skills and abilities to help others learn or develop their craft? A writer whose work celebrates an element of Canada's amazing multicultural heritage? If you'd like to see their name listed with this esteemed group of previous winners, click the link below for criteria and other details.

Griffin Award Winners:

2011: Evaleen Jaager Roy
2010: Victor Lethbridge
2009: Evelyn Hannon
2008: Pandora's Collective: Bonnie Nish & Sita Carboni
2007: Barry Swanton
2006: No award presented
2005: Jas Cheema
2004: No award presented
2003: Ed Griffin