All About the Moola...

I've had a few questions regarding submission fees for our contest entries, so I thought I'd address them here.

If you are sending your entry to us from Canada or the US, just include a cheque for $15 for each entry and all will be well. We are not really worried about the exchange rate -- for a few years we made a couple of pennies, and now the pendulum has swung the other way.

If you are sending us your entry from further afield, (and many do!) an International Money Order is best. Again, we can accept it in either Canadian or US funds.

And in case you are interested...

ALL (as in 100%) of the entry fees go towards supporting the contest and the conference. All the folks involved in the contest (coordinator, contest assistants, judges) are volunteers, so when you enter this contest, you can rest assured that your entry fees are entirely directed toward helping writers do what they do best...write!

Did I mention that there are a mere three days left to enter the contest?  


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