Dorothy Parker on Contest Week...

Okay, so I'm not actually Dorothy, no matter how much I'd like to be. But this Friday marks the last week before our contest deadline. No time to mourn a summer wasted, marinated in sangria and baked in the sun....(uh...actually, that sounds like a summer Dorothy would have celebrated!). But regardless of how the last month or two slipped by -- now's the time to get yourself ready, put your shaky hand to a pen or a computer keyboard and get your contest entry finished!

A few things to keep in mind:

1) $1000 in prize money first place in EACH category. NOT to mention the prestige associated with being an SiWC contest winner.

2) You can enter by email! That's right -- you can send your entry in to until 4pm, Friday, September 5, 2008. Your cheque or money order will need to be mailed, but as long as your entry is in under the wire, we'll put it in the running.

3) If you do enter by email, your entry will be acknowledged by email. If you have not received a confirmation email send your entry again to or email me at .

4) Sending your entry from outside Canada? Join the club -- over the years we have had contest entries from all over the world, every continent except Antarctica. Please send your entry fee as an International Money Order to the address on the contest page.

Finally -- a reminder that this contest is judged blind, and is all about choosing the best writing our judges can find. All the details are here on our Contest Page. Give it a try -- make Dorothy proud!



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