Faculty Changes


A pause from the dog* days of summer, here, to bring you up to date on a couple of faculty changes we have experienced over the past little while.

I'm sorry to say that agent Carolyn Swayze and editor Paula Eykelhof will be unable to attend our conference this fall. They both have sent apologies -- and a replacement, so the good news is our schedule will remain unaffected. Kris Rothstein will be standing in Carolyn's stead as the representative from the Swayze Literary Agency. And Valerie Gray will be coming to us from Harlequin. If you have already booked a pitch appointment with Carolyn or Paula, your appointment time will remain the same, but with Kris and Valerie instead.

While we are so sorry to lose Carolyn and Paula, we are delighted to have Kris and Valerie with us for the conference. Kris' bio is already up on our site, and you can look for Valerie's to be up shortly.




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*This particular dog is Seamus -- generally a pretty good representative of the species...