A few words from Kudos...

A few words from the journal that brings you info on SiWC's writing contest and others. From Sue at Kudos (a UK publication)....

Everybody always remembers that amazing moment they actually won a prize,
but writers can always come out on top -
because entering competitions encourages motivation, organisation, and inspiration.

Contact now for a free sample back issue of Kudos, emailed as a pdf file

Every issue, around 200 competitions – some with free entry;
at least 50 for poetry, around 40 for short stories.

Plus collections, anthologies, playwriting, non fiction, books etc, home and abroad

Details of around £250,000 in prize money.

Only £2.50 per issue. £15 pa for six; £20 Overseas

KUDOS #71 (formerly Competitions Bulletin): July/August;
runs mainly from the end of July up to mid September,
and beyond in some cases: UK, USA and much, much more…

One, two, three, go –

1 Prima Short Story Competition
2 categories in the new Elmet Poetry Prize
3 entries maximum for the Oxfam Books Poetry Calendar

Torbay, or not Torbay… plenty of poetry competitions, from Arvon to Yorkshire

The new Aesthetica Annual Competition for Creative Works
Go to the other extreme: 3-Day Novel Contest
And no, you’re not imagining things:
two fantastic competitions from BFS and from BSFA


Very interesting themes for short stories:
Black Rose and werewolves, chemistry with Twyford Writers,
serious stuff in Dark Tales, and justice for Mace & Jones

The Jo Cowell Award switches from Prose to Poetry,
Camber Press Award for chapbooks, while the Legend Award is still going strong…
and there’s a chance for Elvis fans to play around with scripts. Uh-huh


 Me again. You'll find the details of the SiWC contest on our contest page -- or in the pages of Kudos. Only 57 days left to write!



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