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Michael Sladist is Da’ Greatest 

Slade writes as if his psyche’s cracked

‘bout heaps of people getting whacked.

Sladists feast on blood and gore,

suspense and mystery galore.


Slade—the author—is a pseudonym.

His books have victims dead or nude in ‘em.

Clarke—the lawyer—prefers criminal insanity

East Hastings hookers and police brutality.


These days he pens with Rebecca—his daughter.

If you haven’t read their books you otter.

Jay Clarke—as Slade—is a master of sadistic,

history, horror and Special X shtick.


He draws on fact to write each novel

—and though I will not stoop to grovel—

I would not mind one single bit

If Slade chose me to get one writ.


Jenny Fjellgaard

ps...Thanks for giving me a copy of "Hangman," and turning me into a Sladist.