I Heart New York....


I happen to be making a brief sojourne to New York City at the moment. I'm staying in the heart (sorry) of the city, about a block away from the Empire State building, pictured to the left, above.

 Apart from the 'having a good time, wish you were here' postcard greetings, I had lunch yesterday with the inimitable Janet Reid, who will be presenting at the conference this year. We had a great time chatting about the conference, and she told me she is very excited about having the chance to work with  writers in her Master Class this year.

Janet will be talking about query letters in Query Roulette -- how to take your letters and polish them to their finest. This is a chance to learn from a high profile, New York agent EXACTLY what makes a decent query letter -- an opportunity not to be missed! You can register any time, although Janet has asked that interested folks be sure to send her a sample query in advance so she can go through them in the class, polish them to a fine shine -- and everyone attending benefits.

Already registered for the conference? No problem. You can register for Master Classes by calling the conference centre at 604-594-2000 or drop me a line and I'll help you through the process. You can find me at kcdyer@siwc.ca

 A reminder that there are only 9 writing days left before our contest closes -- get your entry in today! You can find details here: SiWC Contest Page

Good luck from the Big Apple!



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