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Last night was a lovely evening get-together for all the members of the SiWC Board of Directors (minus Estelle, who was unable to make it) and plus Ingrid, our intrepid conference assistant and myself. A good time was had by all, and we continued our discussion (essentially begun on the last day of the conference, 2008) about plans for Conference, 2009.

(News and a Contest after the fold...)

First, I guess I should say (and call me crazy, because I know you do-- and what's worse, you're right!)  I accepted the Board's offer to return as Conference Coordinator for 2009.

<author pauses here for quick sanity-check and to go through vivid-tights drawer for future supplies...>

And second...we've decided to celebrate by having our first SiWC Blog book give-away. Editor Valerie Gray of Harlequin Books (Mira Imprint) has donated a selection of books to our conference, and here's your chance to win.


As usual, we continue to accept suggestions for potential speakers for our 2009 conference. We always take the recommendations of our attendees very seriously, and pore over the evaluation sheets for the months after every conference ends. Now here's your chance to do the same thing on-line. If you know of an author or presenter (editor, agent, film-maker, publisher) you'd like to take a workshop from at SiWC 2009, put up your suggestion in the comments section of this post. Bonus points if you include a link to the individual's website! if you'd like, tell us what year you attended SiWC, and if you're planning to return in 2009, but the contest is not limited to former attendees. Any reader of this blog can enter!

Now let's see...today is Wednesday. We'll close this contest Friday night (November 21, 2008) at midnight PST. At that point, all the eligible names will go in a hat and we will announce the winners on Saturday, right here on the blog. 

(Please note above photo is reduced to a pencil sketch due to crazed hairstyle of blog author...)

First prize -- 4 Mira Novels: WATCH ME by Brenda Novak, THE DEAD ROOM by Heather Graham, TRUST ME by Brenda Novak & THE STOLEN by Jason Pinter.

Second prize -- 3 Mira Novels: BACK ON BLOSSOM STREET by Debbie Macomber, HEART OF FIRE by Kat Martin & 8 SANDPIPER WAY, by Debbie Macomber

So go ahead -- make your suggestions. I'll add them to the list of names the SiWC Board of Directors is currently considering for 2009. 

And good luck!



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I'll add Maureen's name to our list -- and so glad to hear you'll be back!


kc dyer
SiWC Conference Coordinator

Oh kc, can we really suggest anyone? I would love to *finally* make it up to SiWC and take classes from all the authors who return each year. Plus, I'd love it if you guys could get Paul Auster (http://www.paulauster.co.uk/) - he was at the Blue Metropolis festival one year here in Montreal, and I missed him!

...it would be great to see you at last! I'll add Paul's name to our list.

And yes, you can suggest anyone. We will consider all suggestions, but bear in mind that this is not just for authors who read -- we are a teaching conference, so we want authors who are willing to share their wisdom and experience, as well as other members of the industry -- agents, editors, publishers, publicists, film-makers...

kc dyer
SiWC Conference Coordinator

I want to recommend the fantasy/romance writer Shanna Swendson. I mentioned this briefly on the feedback form this year but the more I read her blog, the more wonderful things I learn from this writer who was previously in marketing.

http://shanna-s.livejournal.com/ is her blog. She covers topics that are useful and interesting to writers - from character archetypes, to the hero's journey and THOSE archetypes, to her latest discussion about the Publishing Doom Loop.

I think she could add a wonderful dimension to the conference and be a valuable speaker.

Thanks, William! We've invited Spider before but the teaching format of our conference hasn't really worked for him. Maybe someday!

kc dyer
SiWC Conference Coordinator

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