THIS is Janet Reid....


Okay -- this is not really Janet. This is the image she sent me for our website -- the Great White Shark, still chomping away on her latest victim's legs.

This is the image she LIKES having out there.

Janet Reid came to SiWC for the first time last year, and was an instant hit. She fit right in -- just gets the whole vibe of what the conference is...and tries to be.

Janet is one of the stellar agents at FinePrint Literary Management in New York City, where she specializes in crime fiction. She's an incredible agent, AND I happen to know that she liked what she saw at SiWC so much last year, she's coming back to us again. We couldn't be more thrilled.

Janet is also an avid blogger, and among other places, you can find her blogging pretty regularly here.

She wrote a few very kind words about SiWC this weekend, and I for one, was deeply touched. As the conference coordinator, mine is the face that most attendees and presenters first see when they come to the conference -- but this event is put on by a slew of volunteers, board members and behind-the-scenes workers.

Carrie Higgins profiled some of this crew in an earlier blog post, and I think I can safely speak for all of us when I say that words like Janet's warm our collective hearts, and provide the fuel to keep our fires burning for the next year.

So, thank you, Janet. We can't wait for our conference attendees this fall to get to know and love you the way we do -- shark teeth and all!



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