Kind Words from an SiWC Alum

This from the "what are you waiting for?" file -- (actually from our comment page): 

Just wanted to let you know, you've done an excellent job with this SIWC
website. It's been very informative and helpful and I'm looking forward to
attending again.
In case you have visitors to your website vacillating on the decision
whether it is worthwhile to invest the time and money in attending this
conference, I just want you (and them) to know it's done wonders for me.
I had no intention of meeting with an agent last year, but as fate would
have it, I hooked up with Jenoyne Adams. I signed a formal contract this
past March with Bliss Literary Agency International and Jenoyne is
currently hard at work preparing my first three fantasy novels for
So, for those wondering about the merits of the SIWC, it's an opportunity
all serious writers should take advantage of.
Kind regards,
Lorna Suzuki 


Thanks, Lorna! And congratulations on your exciting news -- hope you and Jenoyne have a long and happy business relationship!