Library Grove a Reality!


At SiWC last year, author (and long-time librarian) Lois Peterson spearheaded an effort to raise funds for 'Library Grove'. The 25-tree grove in Holland Park is an initiative of the Surrey Public Library to celebrate 25 years as an organisation. As of today, the grove is a reality.

From Lois:

Many 2007 SiWC participants contributed to the cost of a tree in the 25-tree
Library Grove that Surrey Public Library planted on October 2, 2008 in Holland Park, Surrey.

This project is designed to recognize '...the value trees bring to the environment, our community, and library collections,' and is one of a number of projects celebrating the library's 25th anniversary in 2008.

LIbrary Grove donors included individuals, local community organizations, writing groups, authors, and service clubs, and included several trees funded through donations from children, library staff, and Library Board members. 

The picture above is of Lois herself, demonstrating her versatility as she plants the SiWC Tree in the grove.

A lovely legacy from our conference-goers to the people of Surrey.


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