LIVE...From Willamette Writers Conference

Sitting here in a session at the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland, Oregon. This conference is in its 39th year and is about the same size as our beloved SiWC Event. Every year we exchange a conference basic package with the Willamette folks, and this year they are offering one of our Basic Packages in their silent auction.

This morning I played hooky (since I have never been to Portland before) and hied myself off to Powell's Bookstore, which bills itself as the biggest bookstore in the world. If it's not the biggest (and I'm not prepared to say it isn't, filling an entire city block as it does), it sure is FUN. Four storeys and millions of stories -- of course I loved it.

Back to Willamette. Great presenters, a busy time. If you have some time next July, I'd highly recommend it!