Mid-June Q & A

Now that we are gearing up for SiWC 2008, the questions are starting to come in fast and furious. We have done a complete overhaul of the website this year, but things are slowly coming together -- and looking FANTASTIC, thanks to WebWizard Dale. A few bits and pieces are still missing, though, so I'm going to take this opportunity to answer a couple of questions that have come my way. And keep an eye on the website -- there are changes every day.


Yep -- it's coming! Right now it's looking like mid-July, as usual. When we have a firm date, you'll hear it here first! As the time nears, we'll have the registration link all set to go from this very site. Of course, you can always register by telephone, too, but again that doesn't open until mid-July. We have a new phone number this year, so we'll post that, too.

Schedule of Workshops & Panels?

On its way! The first big job we have to do every year is get our faculty in place. Once we have the names, bios and photos of all the presenters on the site (and since there are more than 70 of 'em, it takes a while...), we turn to producing our event brochure. And when it is safely at the printers, we take all the info from the brochure, bump up the detail a little and get the information on the website. As everything else is progressing apace, you can expect to see the worikshop information start to appear in short order.

Contest Anthologies?

We still have a few copies left from 2007. If you'd like one, you can call the School District office of our hard-working chair Tara Holt at 604-587-2302 and order a copy for $12 plus shipping.


More soon...