More News on Newsletter Day: Transit Planning


Hi Gang,

 Yes indeedy, we just sent out the latest newsletter, and already I have a few ideas for new blog posts coming your way.

Firstly, if you plan to make your way to SiWC 2008 by public transit, take a good close look at this site: Translink Trip Planner.


This site will help you find your way around the Lower Mainland with as much ease as our local transit can offer, and usually give you a few choices along the way.  I just had an email from an attendee making the trip from Vancouver Island, and I was able to give her bus and skytrain directions from the Horseshoe Bay Ferry terminal, because of the Translink site.

 In the next day or two I am going to put up a blog post regarding RIDE SHARING and another for ROOM SHARING, as well. This is just to help people connect -- we'll provide the on-line space and interested folks can make the connections themselves in the comment section.

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