Prices Now Posted!

This is YA author James McCann. He will be joining Lee Edward Fodi to team-teach a Master Class on writing for children on Octobr 23rd this year. But presently, he is on the road with your humble blogging scribe, selling his books and talking about writing for kids and teens on the 'Rocky Mountain Chocolate & Chat Tour'. He and I are up to much no good as we hie eastward in search of the perfect piece of chocolate...or the perfect tour experience, whichever comes first.

All this to say, I am a leetle behind on posting exciting news here...but I have some for you now. The prices are up on the registration page. Our costs have gone up a little this year (flying our presenters in to the conference is a big part of this), but we have tried to keep our prices as low as possible to present attendees with the best value possible.

Don't forget registration begins July 17, 2008. We'll let you know the opening time as soon as we do -- or mere seconds afterward, certainly.

Questions? Fill out our comment form on the site, or email and I'll do my best to answer 'em.



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