Promote Your Book on YouTube?

An interesting post at Writer Unboxed about creating a promotional video for your book: Creating a book trailer.

Author Sophie Masson borrows the term "trailer" from the movie industry. I wanted to say "needlessly borrowed", but besides the budget there is an arguable distinction in the kind of video she's discussing versus your typical promotional video. Perhaps calling it a "trailer" is worthwhile for discussion purposes.

For non-fiction I can imagine lots of possibilities, but have doubts about how well a "trailer" style might work for fiction. Trying to capture the written word with a visual teaser seems contrary, somehow. And you're potentially robbing your future reader of the opportunity to create the characters and settings in their head, perhaps even turning them off. Masson gives some examples, none of which work for me.

Even if the creative outcome doesn't move me, Masson's underlying message does. Video production and distribution tools have moved into the realm of the common person. It's worth exploring these tools and seeing if there's a place for them in your promotional world. There's a tremendious potential upside.

So what do you think as both a reader and writer? Leave a comment and let us know.

Tip of the hat to Marina.