Read 'Em...and (DON'T!) Weep



I'm thinking this might be a bit of coals to Newcastle, but... just a reminder that the answers to many questions regarding the conference can be found by reading through the website, back copies of the newsletter and this very blog. Summer's end is drawing nigh and in the perverse Canadian way, as the weather chills, things are heating up around SiWC central. If something puzzles you, have a peek through our blog and newsletter archives to see if we've answered your question. And if you can't find the answer -- fire your question at me, and I'll do my best to get to the bottom of things for you. You can get me through the Contact Page on the website or by emailing

Our blog, newsletter, and now our podcasts are all there to help you find your way around the conference. Grab a cup of coffee, read through and enjoy! 


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