SiW Conference Glossary....

You know, I've been in this writing business awhile, and occasionally I forget and bandy terms about that, shockingly, not everyone may have heard yet.
So this post is by way of apology for those sins.
I hate jargon, and I really hate cliches. But knowing the right term for something -- that's a whole different story.
So without further ado, here's a list of some of the terms that might help you, especailly if you are coming to SiWC for the first time this year. If I miss something, let me know in the comments and I'll amend the post and add it in.
Here goes!
Agent -- literary agents act as the intermediary for the author with publishers
Book Fair -- our Saturday evening book signing event, where all the authors who present at our conference are availabie to sign books. Other local authors will often book tables to sell and sign their books, as well. Books are available for sale from our two on0site bookstores. This year, the event will run from 5:30 to 7 pm, prior to the Masque. More here: SiWC 2008 Book Fair
Blue Pencil -- a chance for a 15 minute appointment with an author or editor. You can bring a page or two for critique, or just be ready with questions. All attendees are eligible for a appointment with their registration, and further appointments can be booked on-site, subject to availability.There is no charge for these appointments.
Editor -- An editor helps shape the text of a manuscript. At SiWC, we have both freelance editors (who do this work for hire) and acquisitions editors (who are looking to acquire new titles for publication) on site. Make sure to read the bios carefully when you book your pitch appointment with an editor, to ensure they are the best person with whom to meet. 
Keynote -- Short speech given by some of our most articulate and erudite presenters. Funny, poignant -- but always inspiring! 
Master Class -- classes for experienced writers, offered on the Thursday before our official kick-off. There is an extra charge to attend these classes. Amazing selection this year -- and there is still room left! Click here for details: Master Classes
Night Owl -- events held at 9 pm or later. This year we will have Michael Slade's SHOCK THEATRE presentation on Friday night, and of course, our exciting Masque on Saturday.
Panel -- held during workshop times, a panel combines the collective wisdom of a number of presenters. Be sure to come prepared with questions!
Pitch Practice -- new this year -- a chance for you to practice before you 'pitch' your manuscript idea at an editor, agent or publisher. Author Beverley Boissery is on hand this year to help you hone your pitch to perfection.
Pitch Session -- formerly known as an 'Editor-Agent' appointment, this is a chance to give an editor, agent, publisher or filmmaker a chance to hear your story idea. They are  at our conference looking for fresh, new ideas, so bring them your best!
Publisher-- rare birds at writers' conferences, publishers are looking to find new titles for their houses. This year we have two local publishers gracing us with their presence -- and we couldn't be more delighted.
Trade & Artisan Show -- This show runs all weekend, and has expanded to fill two of our foyers. Click here for more details: SiWC Trade Show
Workshop -- SiWC offers three sets of workshops each day, and within each time slot there are nine or ten choices of amazing presentations. An embarrassment of riches for writers of all abilities and genres.
I'm sure I've missed something -- let me know and I will add to the glossary at your request.
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