SiWC In The Media

Webwizard Dale has come up with yet another interesting twist on our new website -- it's called 'SiWC In the Media' and you can find it under the yellow News & Media banner on the content menu of the home page, or by clicking here.

This new page will essentially list links to stories that appear about SiWC in traditional and new media -- in newspapers, blogs, podcasts -- if we can link to it, you'll find it there. We are not planning to add an RSS feed to 'In the Media', but will add a little note in the 'What's New' section (which does have its own feed) when anything new is added.

Right now you'll find two or three stories that have seeped into my ken over the past couple of months. Anytime we get a report of anything new -- we'll add it. So if you have a media sighting of anything SiWC-related, make sure you drop me a line at and I'll pass it on to His Wizardliness to make sure it gets posted.


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