Success Story

As the conference coordinator, I find myself on the receiving end of a lot of email.


But some of the correspondence I get is more fun than the rest. I particularly enjoy the success stories -- folks who have come to the conference and in one way or another have struck gold.

This is Shula Klinger.

When she attended SiWC a few years ago, she met an editor there. It turned out to be a fortuitous meeting because... last month, Shula's first novel THE KINGDOM OF STRANGE was published by Marshall Cavandish.

We'd like to send out our most delighted congratulations to Shula on the publication of her first book. If you'd like to check the book out, have a peek at her website, here.

And if you have a success story you'd like to share, email me at



Hi KC, Just to invite you and all your friends to a free showing of a comedy-documentary movie which has been made about me over the past several months. I acted in a previous movie made by the same local film producer and he liked me enough to want to do a whole movie about me titled "Jim", very creative title, eh what? The movie will include three of my own songs, some of my standup comedy at Yuk Yuks, a lot of my family history, my Model A Ford and even my appearance at Burnaby City Council, speaking up on social issues. The date is July 8th at the Pacific Cinematech Theatre in downtown Vancouver somewhere. I hope to interest several talent agencies and music producers. This movie has also been entered in the Toronto Film Festival. until later, Jim Ervin


Thanks so much for this! My book is doing well and I'm also working on an illustrating contract now, with the same editor. Whenever I meet new authors, I tell them about the conference - attending SIWC was the best decision I made!


Very happy to hear your doing well Uncle Jim. I would love to buy your documentary as well as see you perform. Good luck in everything you do.