Two Weeks Today*


*Yesterday, if you are one of the lucky ones enrolled in a Master Class!

Yep, the conference begins two weeks from today, and the final dash to the finish has come upon us. 

Now's the time for your last-minute questions and thoughts -- lay 'em on me and I'll do my best to answer.

One of the things I've been asked a lot, lately, is when the contest results will be known. The public will hear on the evening of Friday, October 24th  -- two weeks from tonight, right around the time I am typing this -- that is to say, shortly after 7 pm. 

The winners themselves will know considerably sooner than that, as they need to help us put our anthology together. We were hoping to have all the winners notified by October 14th, but, as there was a bit of a glitch in getting the entries in front of the judges this year, things are running a bit late. 

Once all the winners are notified, I'll post a note here to the blog.

I'll send out one more newsletter before the big event, but as always, if you want the latest news, this blog is the place to look first.


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