Our inaugural give-away event is now history. The competition closed at midnight last night, and today we have the winners.

Thanks to all who participated -- I have added your suggestions for presenters onto our Board wish-list. We always welcome ideas for new speakers at our conference, so please feel free to continue sending them in.

And now, without further ado...photographic evidence of the winning names, freshly plucked from a bowl on my desk...

(Since this was a midnight draw, it's naturally a night-vision view of the winners.)

Congratulations to Susan J (runner-up prize winner of 3 Mira titles) and Laura T (Grand Prize winner of 4 Mira titles)! Drop me an email with your snail mail addresses to and I'll mail you your prizes right away. 

I had so much fun with this Friday give-away, I may be inspired to make it a regular thing. Watch the blog next week for the announcement of our next SiWC Blog Fabulous Friday comment give-away. I think we may have to choose something Thanksgiving-themed, in honour of our friends to the south...


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