AND....We're Back!

Well, well, well.

A combination of book deadlines, out-of-town gigs and summer madness served to put the kaibosh on my blogging for the past couple of weeks.

Apologies all round!

 I have a lovely Cadbury Flake and some books to give we'll do the big draw tomorrow. And henceforth, the blogging will be coming fast and furious. We've got guest bloggers lined up. We've got contests. We've got all kinds of excitement as this year's conference moves ever closer. 

Hope you are all having the best summer ever...and are writing up a storm! Remember you have until September 4th to get your entries in for the SiWC Writing Contest. Entries are the same low fee of $15 per story or poem, with 100% of your entry funds going to create SiWC 2009 -- our 17th annual event. With the economy on the wobble, conferences are dropping like flies this year, but not SiWC! 

We'll be coming to you, better than ever, October 23-25, 2009. I'm going out on a limb (not a very long limb, mind you -- this one is a no-brainer) to predict another sold-out year, so register early to avoid disappointment.

Contest results tomorrow -- see you then!



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