Appointment Changes & VOLUNTEERS!!!

Here we go! In a few hours we'll be in conference week.

Of course, things don't really get started until Thursday afternoon with the Master Classes -- but don't fool yourself ...we are HOPPING here at SiWC central!

I'm going to request, as of this posting, that any changes you require to your Pitch or Blue Pencil appointments be made at the conference. We will have EXTRA staff on our  Appointment Desk to help deal with your requests.

Let me add that there are still tons of appointments left, even for those who have booked already. Once we ensure that everyone has had a chance to get at least one appointment, we open up the doors for repeat appointments. This is why a weekend conference pass is such a deal -- at most other conferences appointments cost big money.

One of the reasons we keep our conference prices so low, and can offer bargains like INCLUDED pitch and blue pencil appointments is that SiWC is [apart from a couple of small contracts] ENTIRELY volunteer run. 

Yep -- that's right. From the Board who puts things together to the folks who catch the doors at the workshops so they don't bang closed -- all volunteer. We are getting very close to launching this conference this year, but can always use more volunteers.

Tell your friends! It's a great way to rub shoulders with some of the best writers, agents, editors and industry people in the business. We use volunteer drivers, introductions you name it. If you know someone who might be interested, please have them email me at


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