Author Janice Hardy's Getting Some Attention...

...lately, especially in the blogsphere.


Guess that's what happens to you if you attend the Surrey International Writers' Conference as an unpublished writer, and walk away ...with an agent, a book contract and a great book deal!


Want to learn more? Then, first have a look HERE at Agent Kristin Nelson's blog. Agent Kristin talks about Janice's Query letter and why her pitch was so successful.


Then, hop on over HERE to Janice's own blog, where she shares a visual peek at what her marked-up galleys look like after the copy editors have been over them. 

A true insider's look into the publishing industry.

We're so proud of Janice as one of our success stories!

(Tips of the hat to SiWC alum Katrina Archer and Pamela Patchet for pointing me in the right direction!)



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