Blue Pencil...Pitch...what???? Frequently Asked Questions at SiWC 2009.

Our conference is best known for the incredible level of professional development it brings to writers, but we also have a reputation for being a wonderful starting place for new writers.

So new writers with questions...? This post is for YOU.

Don't know the difference between an editor and an agent? Just what the heck is a blue pencil -- I mean, I know it's cold in the Great White North, but cold enough to turn all the pencils blue?

If you are brand new to writing or even just to the 'getting published' part, your best place to start is HERE at our FAQ page. It'll explain why our pencils are blue [hint: not cold, but EDITORIAL!] and some of the other writing jargon you'll need to know.

There are a tonne of great resources out in the ether for you to access, but for beginners, I have a couple of favourites. Nathan Bransford is a young agent out of NYC, and his blog is chock-a-block with great advice. For the absolute beginner, I have to recommend THIS post -- he's done a tremendous glossary of publishing terms. A great post to read before you come to SiWC 2009 so the whole thing doesn't seem so confusing. Nathan has a ton of great info on his blog, as do agents Janet Reid, Kristin Nelson, Miss Snark and many others. Look 'em up! You'll be glad you did. 

And if you are still in doubt? Email me, and I'll do my best to point you in the 'write' direction.

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