Contest 2009 Update... turns out I am a little behind...

This has been a Busy Year. 

Judging in the contest is a multi-stage process. Each entry is given multiple readings -- complete readings, from the first word to the last. And of course -- this takes time. Then the discussion starts, among all the members of the judging committee. A short list is formulated. Authors of the short listed pieces are notified...and the process continues.

This is where we find ourselves at this moment. As a matter of fact, shortlisted authors in the categories of Non-fiction and Writing for Young People have indeed been notified. [With a single exception that will be rectified this very evening.] 

The narrowing-down process is almost complete for the poetry category, and the Storyteller's Award is not far behind. By the end of this weekend, I'm hoping shortlisted authors in all four categories will be notified. 

Keep those fingers crossed! 


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