Contest Winners!

Heigh ho, gentle readers.

Just come off of a Very Busy Month after the conference,which has slowed my blogging pace here, somewhat. [For evidence of all that I've been up to, feel free to hop on over to my blog and have a peek!]

I can tell you that SiWC command central is already hard at work planning for 2010. But we still have a few outstanding issues to tie up for 2009. I just yesterday uploaded all my pix from the conference to my flickr page. Will load them here on the site when I can, but for now, you can check them out HERE if you'd like. Feel free to comment or share -- [please credit the photographer if you do...]. 

Next on the agenda is the on-line announcement of this year's contest winners! These names were formally announced on Friday, October 23, 2009 at the conference, but in case you missed it...the winners are:


Poetry Award
Winner: Carol MacKay, 'Writing the Prairie On Hornby Island'
Honourable Mention: Daniela Boneva Elza, 'tabula e rasa' & Lesley Prentis, 'The Bowl'

Writing For Young People Award
Winner: Trish Loye Elliot 'A Dark Weaving'
Honourable Mention: Amy Jones Dupire 'Bugaboo'

Storyteller's Award
Winner: JS Lyster, 'The Mower's Trial'
Honourable Mention: Mike Carson, 'Choking'

Non-fiction Award
Winner: Mike Carson, 'A Matter of Faith'
Honourable Mention: Jennifer Coffey 'Circuitry'


HUGE congratulations to all!

 We had a LOT of fun at the conference with double award-winner Mike Carson, conspiring to ensure he would not know until the announcements were made that he was a double winner. 


I'm just about to go over and update the contest rules for 2010. Sharpen your pencils -- let's see YOU on the winner's podium next year!



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