Cool News...

Lots going on these days at SiWC central. While the rest of you are sweltering, basking (or freezing...this is a Canadian summer, after all) out there, we are hard at work behind the scenes getting things ready for the conference.

A quick note -- the school district (who answers our phones) is down to a pretty skeleton staff over the summer, so if you want to register and can't get through to someone who can help you, just drop me an email at and I'll see what I can do.

 On to the news:

 Long time presenter and friend of the conference Don McQuinn has a wonderful new endeavour on the go. His new site is here: and Don and his team aim to make it the best go-to source for writers on the net.

In Don's words...

Wired Writers will serve three purposes. Foremost, of course, is providing the best information, instruction, and inspiration for our subscribers. Our writers group/writers course is our anchor program. Beyond that, however, is our frequent and specifics-oriented webinars, open to all our subscribers; we'll be bringing authors and other authorities on board from all genres and writing venues. 


Sounds pretty cool, eh? So go check it out, already!

In other news, 

Libraries Unlimited in the States just published this, and guess whose name is on it ? Our own Michael Slade, of course!



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