Feature Authors -- Robert J. Sawyer and Michael Slade

We have an incredible line-up of presenters this year, and I'd like to introduce you to two [possibly familiar] faces who are both having standout years.

We last spied author Robert J. Sawyer reading from his new book WAKE  [via Blackberry!] at Vancouver's White Dwarf books earlier this year.

Well, Rob's been busy since then, finishing his book tour, taking a stint as Writer-in-Residence in a Saskatchewan Particle Accelerator, and oh, yeah... being creative consultant on a television series based on his book FlashForward.

The program premieres tonight on ABC in the United States and Canada -- and has already received glowing reviews from Time magazine and the New York Times. An interview with Rob can also be found on the pages of Time.Com

An incredible year for this wonderful author. And for three days in October...he's all ours!

Who knows what glimpses into the future he'll be bringing with him this time?


And speaking of glimpses into the future, we have another familiar face returning to grace the halls [and bar!] of the conference. Most often known for his horrific offerings, this year, Michael Slade comes bearing blood-Red Snow ....and little green men.


Yes, in true Sladian fashion, our favourite Horror-Meister will once again present his own SHOCK THEATRE -- with this year's radio play of the macabre featuring WAR OF THE WORLDS. [Keep an eye out for little green men on this very blog. You never know when they'll show up...or what they'll bring with them!]

Michael Slade has a new book premiering at the very end of this year, as well. Just in time for the Olympics, the new Slade-fest takes place on the bloody slopes of Whistler. It's called RED SNOW, and I can tell you this much...it contains a Very Well Named femme fatale...

Both Sawyer and Slade will bring their expertise to share EXCLUSIVELY with attendees at our conference this year.

What better reason to sign on?

See you in October!



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