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With the memories of SiWC 2009 still fresh in our minds, we're turning our attention to re-creating the SiWC magic in 2010.
Want to keep up with our news as we go along? I'll be blogging here, of course, and so will kc.
We also have a brand new Twitter stream @SiWCtweets. Follow us there for up-to-the-minute information about the conference, our presenters, and whatever other SiWCish content catches our eyes.
If you're already following us @siwc2009, note that we'll be retiring that stream soon, so @SiWCtweets is your new source of conference information on Twitter.

But even with plans for next year in the works, we're still enjoying the memories of SiWC 2009, naturally.
It was a particularly good year for attendee Mike Carson, who won our non-fiction contest and received an honourable mention in the storyteller's contest. That'sm my idea of a Very Good Night. Prince George journalist Frank Peebles tells the story here:
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Kathy Chung

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