Good News Story -- Contest Winner re-published!

Long-term friend of the conference Janet Oakley has had another of her stories published.






She writes: "As promised, I found out about PUTTING THINGS AWAY, shortlisted last fall [ in the SiWC 2008 contest -- ed.]. It will be published in December 2009 in A CUP OF COMFORT FOR GRIEVING HEARTS, with shipping to the stores in November. ...
DRYWALL IN THE TIME OF GRIEF (winner non-fiction 2006) was published in their Classic Addition two years ago. It was one of three selected to be put into the expanded version of the original series. The book is apparently one of their best sellers."

Congratulations, Janet! We are SO proud of you. Your story should emerge right after the conference, but this is a head's up for all who might read a beautiful, touching piece, elegantly look no farther than this book.


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