How an Agent Earns Money From a Conference -- And Not Just ANY Conference

Kristen Nelson, great friend of SiWC and agent extraordinaire, today writes a very illuminating blog post in which our fine conference figures prominently.

It's an exciting story, filled with passion, thrills, chills and a six-figure deal for a debut author! 

We've talked about author Janice Hardy in this blog before, but it's never too late to offer her congratulations again on her new y/a series, as featured in Kristen's blog.

Just for the record, [and, as noted in Kristin's comments] the pitch and blue pencil appointments at the Surrey International Writers' Conference come without extra charge. To keep things as even as possible, we offer every attendee the opportunity to sign up for a Blue Pencil and Pitch appointment with their registration.

Extra appointments can be made daily at the conference appointment desk, subject to availability.

If you have any other questions about this process, be sure to check out our FAQ page under the banner of 'About the Conference' on our main menu bar.

Now, the question is...will YOU be the next big discovery at SiWC?



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