Lost and Found

Most of our lost and found items from SiWC2009 have already been happily reunited with their owners, but four weeks out, three forlorn, lonely items still remain unclaimed, watching sadly out the window waiting for someone to come back for them. All three are paper-related, and, since we’re writers, we know just how significant those notes could be. So we couldn’t recycle them without making a public appeal to find their owners. Are they yours?


Item one is a small, Bayer CropScience spiral-bound notebook with a black pen through the spirals. A quick glance inside suggests this notebook may live in Calgary with someone who takes a physics class.


Item two is a yellow notepad with very neat notes from Hallie Ephron’s workshop and pieces cut out of the cardboard backing.


Item three is a letter-sized file folder held closed with a bull clip, filled with printed MS pages.


If any of these belongs to you, please email me to arrange either reunion or recycling. Thanks! kathychung@siwc.ca