New and Familiar Faces -- Author Annabel Lyon & Agent Sorche Fairbank

This week we're continuing with our series of presenter introductions, combining old friends who are returning to us with new faces to the SiWC experience.

Today's newbie is Annabel Lyon.

Annabel is the author of work in quite a variety of genres, but this year has really been her chance to shine. She's just found her name on the shortlist for the Giller Prize, as well as the Writers Trust awards, so we are very excited to have her join us.

If you check out the presenter page on our site, you'll find that Annabel is the author of Oxygen (short stories), The Best Thing for You (novellas), and All-Season Edie (juvenile novel).

Her first novel for adults, The Golden Mean, will be published by Random House of Canada in August 2009. She has taught fiction writing at the Banff Centre's Wired Writing Program and is currently an instructor with UBC's Booming Ground. She lives in New Westminster, BC. 

What it doesn't say is that Annabel is the new voice of young Canadian Literature -- and we are SO lucky to have her!

Returning to us this year is fabulous agent Sorche Fairbank. Sorche [pronounced Sore-ka] is one of our long-time friends of the conference, and we are thrilled to have her back with us again.  

Since establishing Fairbank Literary Representation in 2002, Sorche has had the pleasure of working with a dynamic and varied list, representing best-selling authors, Edgar recipients, award-winning journalists, and of course one of her favorite kinds of client – the first-time author. Her tastes in novels tend toward literary fiction, international voices and women’s voices, and the mystery/suspense genre. On the nonfiction side, she is most likely to take on books that tackle current events and societal issues with a narrative treatment. She has a strong interest in women’s voices and class and race issues, quality lifestyle books (food, wine, and home design), sports, and pop culture.

Subjects and genres not of interest by Sorche and Fairbank Literary include: sci-fi and fantasy, children’s and YA, self-help, romance, sports fiction, or anything that opens with a dream scene and/or exhaustive descriptions of weather.

Take note -- these are important hints for the novel you can pitch to Sorche at our conference!

Hope you've enjoyed this preview peek at Annabel Lyon and Sorche Fairbank. If you'd like to learn more, go to our presenter page HERE, and read to your heart's content. We'll continue to add previews of as many presenters as time will allow, so keep your eye on the blog!


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