Our Cool, Green Planet

We at SiWC Central are working very hard this year to bring you the greenest conference ever. We're cutting down on copying, producing more material on-line instead of on paper and using recycled products where ever we can. The hotel is chipping in by trying to source our food locally. Heck, we're even bringing in some little green men...[but perhaps THEY are best discussed later...]

Hand in hand with all these efforts, I'd like to introduce you to a very interesting new initiative, called Bridge to a Cool Planet. It's part of a world-wide call to action  to encourage governments to negotiate strong terms for the upcoming UN conference on global warming in Copenhagen.

Now the date of this particular day of action is slated to land on October 24th, right in the middle of our conference. So rather than you deserting your hard-earned places at the conference en masse to run out and demonstrate, we've found another way you can show your commitment, if you choose. 

The organizers of the event, have produced a communal writer's blog calling on writers to submit poems, short scripts, stories and creative non-fiction about global warming, nature, sustainability issues as an expression to gov't about their concern for these issues.

The blog for the Bridge to a Cool Planet site can be found HERE. 

It's a great place to share your ideas on the subject, and, in the way of all good writers, take your best action with words.

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