As promised, here is a complete list of this year's faculty, SiWC 2009. We have writers of poetry, prose, travel stories, history, how-to's, journalism, mystery, kids' books, historical fiction, short stories, women's fiction, speculative fiction, social media, romance, humour, urban fantasy, stories for young adults, picture books, memoir, weblogs,  science fiction, horror, screenplays, adventure, and thrillers.

We even have writers who write about writing! And on top of that, SiWC 2009 has the agents, editors and publishers who acquire from each and every element.

We have workshops and programs for every level of experience, from beginning writer to published professional.

Over the next little while, the bios and pictures of this wonderful group will be finding their way onto our website. Check 'em out!

Jeff Arch, Jacquie Banaszynski, Darren Barefoot, Terry Brooks, Eileen Cook, Sean Cranbury, Anthony Dalton, Robert Dugon, kc dyer, Hallie Ephron, Diana Gabaldon, Gary Geddes, Ed Griffin, CC Humphreys,Wally Lane, Kirk Lapointe, Bernice Lever, Annabel Lyon, Elizabeth Lyon, Carol Mason, Robert McCammon, Don McQuinn, Richelle Mead, Lorraine Murphy, Anne Perry, Lois Peterson, Leanne Prain, Robert J. Sawyer, Richard Scrimger, Michael Slade, Meg Tilly, Monique Trottier, Jack Whyte, Susan Wiggs
Faith Black – Avalon; Valerie Gray – Mira (Harlequin); Abby Ranger -- Hyperion; Anica  Mrose Rissi – Simon Pulse; Lisa Rector-Maass – Third Draft; Susan Safyan – Arsenal Pulp Press, Kristin Sevick – Tor/Forge, Crystal Stranaghan -- Gumboot, Stan Wakefield -- Amacom, Howard White – Harbour Press.
Jenoyne Adams – Bliss Literary Agency, Verna Dreisbach – Dreisbach Literary Agency, Sorche Fairbank – Fairbank Literary Agency, Cricket Freeman – August Literary Agency, Sally Harding – Cooke Literary Agency, Meredith Kaffell – Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency, Donald Maass – Maass Literary Agency, Jeffery McGraw – August Literary Agency, Katharine Sands – Freyman Literary Agency, Rachel Vater – Folio Literary Agency.

What an amazing crew -- we welcome them all!


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