Schedule....for Attendees ONLY

Our conference schedule has been up for months now, courtesy of our wonderful WebWizard Dale McGladdery. You can access it via the '2009 Schedule' link on the website, broken down by date and time.

But this year we did not create a full brochure, so it's not in printable format. Instead, as registrants arrive, you'll receive an abbrievtiated version of what's on the website, plus a summary of the bios of our presenters, along with your other conference information.

No need to print anything off, then -- when you arrive you'll find all the information you need in your registration packet.

Our registration desk will be open in the main lobby of the Vancouver Sheraton Guildford hotel [pictured here] from noon on Thursday and 8 am every day of the conference thereafter. The presenter registration desk is there, too. A great place to go to get your questions answered on-site. 

Just a couple more sleeps -- and for our Master Class peeps...only ONE!

See you very soon.


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