Just finished sending out email notifications to the shortlisted authors in the Writing For Young People and Non-Fiction categories.


This is how my eyeballs feel:


<snerk> I run this pic every year. SO unoriginal. And yet, so true.

Anyway, will be notifying the shortlisted authors of Fiction and Poetry tomorrow...I hope. I am more than a week late, and after I write this blog, I need to write the judges and apologize. It's just been that kinda year...

However, in other news, our registration numbers are really taking off. Tell your friends -- we're into our last three weeks and we want everyone to know how wonderful our conference is going to be this year!

More on the invasion of little green men, soon! (Plus an expose of Kathy Chung, who will be taking over as conference coordinator at the end of this year's conference. Let's hope she has nothing to hide...]



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