SiWC 2009 ROAD Show...

Hey Gang,

Okay -- we survived contest deadline week and have now plunged into Labour Day, back-to-school madness. Part of that madness for me this year includes the first SiWC Road Show.

For the last week of September, (and the first couple of days of October) I'll be hitting every Lower Mainland secondary and post-secondary institution of learning that will have me, talking about SiWC. Topics include why you should come, who you will meet, what you will gain from this intense weekend, and JUST WHAT IS ALL THE FUSS ABOUT ANYWAY?


These guys will not be driving the car.

If, by chance, you'd like me to come and visit YOUR writing group, creative writing class, English faculty, Arts Department or whatever collective noun you belong to... well, I would simply be delighted.

I hope it goes without saying there is no charge for this visit. However, I've clearly just said it anyway...does it bear repeating?

It does. No charge. Just a chat. Perhaps a glass of water for an enthusiastic traveller. A few words, a sharing of ideas, a shaking of hands, and I'll be on my way.

Bookings are already coming in, so get in touch soon. The talk entails me burbling on for about half an hour, following which I will hang about until all questions are answered. 

Contact conference assistant Ingrid Roeske to book a spot for your group on the 2009 SiWC Road Tour. Ingrid can be found here: . I can be found here: .  If you email me, I will copy Ingrid in, as she is the organized one, so why not just email her directly? Because if you do...I will magically appear on your doorstep to share all things SiWC with you and yours at the end of the month.

How can you refuse an offer like that?


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