No, I am not dying of envy, nor have I eaten a questionable oyster. I am merely reflecting our new goal for SiWC 2009 -- to go as green as possible!

We have a number of new initiatives underway, but the one you may notice first is that we are NOT going to mass-produce hard copies of our brochure this year. Once we have all the elements of the program in place, we'll put a printer-friendly version on the website. We even have plans in the works to format it so it can be readable on a hand-held device while at the conference -- all the blackberry lovers raise a cheer!

Our primary motivation is to reduce our carbon footprint and be good ecological citizens. More on that soon as our other initiatives come to fruition. But we also want to keep our costs -- and ultimately YOUR costs -- down.

So if you are looking for our program, you'll be able to find it here on the site soon. Questions? email me at

Comments? Leave 'em below! And don't forget...on-line registration opens tomorrow at noon.

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