What a Day!


Whew! It's not technically over yet, but it's been quite a day here behind the scenes at SiWC Central.

A huge thank you to all our tech staff, our wonderful WebWizard Dale, and to our brilliant and loyal attendees for your patience today as we shook and rattled the registration process onto the road.

The conference registration for SiWC 2009 is now officially underway, and after a bit of a glitchy start, we managed to register a lovely large group of attendees.

We're pretty excited about getting our registration ready so early, but this June launch means that we are still getting the site up to speed. Have a good look around the site when you get a chance -- you'll find presenter bios and pictures, planned workshops and panel schedules, details about our annual writing contest and much more.

And here's a final tid-bit for you -- this fall we are planning a bit of a road show, to talk about the conference to students around the Lower Mainland. If you'd like us to come and talk to a group of your students about the conference, please drop me an email at kcdyer@siwc.ca and I'll make sure to add your school to our list. (This applies to high schools and post-secondary, only.)

 Remember to keep an eye on this blog and the newsletter for updates -- and of course I'll be tweeting anything important, too.

 More soon!



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