Writing Contest Questions...Answered.

Planning to enter our writing contest? You need to get a move on!

Details are HERE.

The deadline is almost upon us... this Friday, September 4th, 2009. But fear not! You too can get your writing contest entry in by email!

Just submit it to contest@siwc.ca, drop your cheque in the mail, and all will be well.

But just in case it's a help, here are the answers to a few of the questions I've been fielding recently:

I plan to submit a short story as well as a poem. Should I combine both in one email, or send two emails, one for each category?

One email for both submissions is fine. Just state at the top there are two!
We will format anything that goes wonky.

Does my cover page require a special format?

Cover page just needs basic info. Formatting is immaterial as long as we can read it!

What about headers and footers on my submission? When I send by email, they all get messed up.

Don't worry about formatting headers and footers with email submissions. We [your trusty contest coordinator and assistants] make sure your entry is correctly formatted before handing it to the judges.

What if my cheque arrives after the deadline?

As long as we have your submission in by Friday, September 4, 2009, if your cheque arrives a few days late, we'll still accept it. But if your submission comes in on Saturday, it will not be included in the contest.

If I email my contest entries and include a visa number for the entry fees will that be accepted? 

Just send us a cheque or money order when you email your entries in. Unfortunately, we are not set up to accept Visa for the contest.

I'm preparing my fiction contest submission and was wondering what profanities are acceptable.

We do not censor our entries. Language is our business. Feel free to use whatever words you like! 

And now...get that entry in!


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