Meet the Presenters 2010 - Luke Ryan

Terrific SiWC board meeting last night. A little SiWC tidbit for you: Did you know that SiWC is run mostly by volunteers? They're an amazing bunch and give a huge amount of time and energy to make SiWC what it is.

On the way home in the car after the meeting, I was switching radio stations, looking for something I felt like listening to, and I happened across an interview with one of the actors from a brand new movie that's connected to one of our presenters this year. So instead of reaching in my hat for a name to bring you today, I decided to take my cue from that interview and introduce you to Luke Ryan.

Luke Ryan is the Senior Vice President of Production at MGM.

He arrived in Hollywood in 2000 and has had a diverse career, working as a screenwriter, producer, instructor at UCLA extension, and studio executive at New Line Cinema and MTV Films before arriving at MGM in 2008 where he is Sr. Vice President of Production. His currently slate of films includes Robocop with Darren Aronofsky, The Three Stooges with the Farrelly Brothers, Poltergeist with Vadim Perelman. 

When he sent me this bio, Luke was sitting on a mixing stage preparing for the release of Hot Tub Time Machine -- which comes out after this bio but long before this conference.  He hopes you buy a full priced ticket and find it worth every penny.  He will still feel this way when you see him in the future.

Welcome, Luke!