Meet the Presenters 2010 - Sally Harding

Happy Tuesday to you.

To celebrate the beautiful sunshine coming in my windows right this minute (quickly, before it turns to pouring rain again!), I'm bringing you another of our 2010 presenters.

Agent Sally Harding will be returning to SiWC this October. We're so pleased to have her. 

Sally Harding moved to Canada in 2001 after eight years in sales and marketing, editing, and bookselling in New Zealand and Australia. She began her career as a literary agent shortly after her arrival in Vancouver, and in 2005 started her own agency, The Harding Agency. The fledgling agency’s rapid growth led to the merger with Toronto-based The Cooke Agency in 2007.

She has always read widely, and that is reflected in the range of genres she represents. She is particularly drawn to books that present fresh perspectives and ask questions of their readers. This may be narrative non-fiction founded in ground-breaking research or offering a new take on what we thought we already knew. It may be speculative, contemporary, or romantic fiction that asks what-if. It may be children’s books that remind us to marvel.

She regularly travels to international book fairs and conventions, and is currently president of the BC Book Prizes. When she’s not at her desk, in transit, or engrossed in a book, you’ll find her in a contemporary art gallery, or in her kitchen cooking enough to feed twice as many as expected.

Welcome back, Sally!