Saturday Night Link Fest

It's a rainy Saturday night here at SiWC Central, the first time the weather's been anything less than gorgeous and sunny here for weeks, so it's a perfect night for surfing. Tonight's links include a win, an answer, and a free promotional opportunity for writers. Great stuff!


Congratulations to 2010 SiWC presenter Julia Quinn for her third RITA win this past week in Florida for What Happens In London. You can check out all this year's RITA winners here:


Are you thinking about attending SiWC for the first time, but wondering if you're really ready for a writers' conference? You're not alone. It's a question that comes up a lot in my email. Longtime presenter and friend of the conference Jack Whyte has a great answer to that question on his blog (hint: yes, you are!). Check it out here: 


Former presenter and SiWC friend Wally Lane offers a brand new way for published authors to promote their books at no charge. Here's Wally in his own words: Just a note to let you and the SIWC know about my new project. I have added a page to our website Belva's (Belva's Book Nook) where I spotlight writers and their books. I post their photo, an imprint of the front cover of their book/books (3 book limit per author), and a link to their website or a website where an interested party can get more info or hopefully buy the book. There is no cost to the writer, this is a free service. We only ask that the writers we feature to tell their friends to go to Belva's Book Nook ( ) and look at their new book ad. This helps the writer sell books and draws people to our site. Belva's will have between 6000 & 7000 visits in the month of July (over 250,000 hits), and we are still growing.


And finally for tonight, have you stumbled across any of our vague clues when you've been surfing? If you think you might have solved our theme mystery, I'm still taking guesses. You may guess as many times as you like. (Take note, those of you who think your guesses were close but are now even surer you know the answer.) Send your guesses to me at kathychung at siwc dot ca. When someone gets it right, we'll reveal both our Saturday Night Owl event and the theme to go with it right here on the blog. In the meantime, we'll keep planting bits and pieces for you to find.