Spotlight on... FILM

Spotlight on… is a new blog feature we’ll be running over the next few weeks, introducing you to some of the great stuff we have going on for writers in every field. Many of our workshops are terrific for many different types of writers, but for this feature, we’re pulling out just a few examples of what we have specifically for you among our 70 workshops. If you know someone who writes what we’re spotlighting, please give them the link. Remember, our early bird registration prices are in place until the end of the day on September 30.


First up, FILM.


Attention, screenwriters and filmmakers! This year’s SiWC has a LOT to offer you. Check it out!


On Thursday, Sleepless in Seattle writer    Jeff Arch, who hasn’t stopped working since his breakout script, brings us a master class on Professional Screenwriting. Last year, one of our attendees described Jeff’s workshop as “worth the price of admission all by itself”, so we’re delighted to offer this master class this year. During the regular conference, Friday to Sunday, Jeff will also be offering two more workshops on scripts.


New to SiWC this year are two more great film-related teachers. Agent Ken Sherman brings us How to Write for the Book, TV, and Film Markets, a workshop version of a course he’s taught at UCLA and USC.


Luke Ryan, Senior Vice President of Production at MGM, brings his insight to workshops on How Hollywood Works, Deconstructing Comedy, and Components of Successful Horror Stories.


And on Sunday, our film crew gets together for a panel on the state of The World of Film.


Are you a budding screenwriter or filmmaker? Don’t miss out. All this, plus over 60 other workshops to choose from, keynote speakers, night owl events, great banquets, pitch appointments and the Blue Pencil Café, all included in our full conference package. Check out our registration page for details.