Word on the Street Vancouver


SiWC board members Carol, kc, and Ursula and I spent the day down at Word on the Street at Library Square in Vancouver yesterday, meeting tonnes of people and telling them all about our conference. A big thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello. It was great to see so many people out and hear so much positive stuff about our conference. If you're visiting our site for the first time after meeting us yesterday, welcome! For you and for all of our regular readers, too, here are a few shots of what the day was like for us, all taken by the wonderful Ursula Maxwell-Lewis:


We woke up to pouring rain, so were very pleasantly surprised when it stopped - except for the odd sprinkle - by the time the event got started. Here's the main stage, right outside the library, and it was even dry enough for people to sit on the steps. Great turnout!






Our table was on Hamilton on what was called Literacy Lane. All kinds of great groups on our side of the event. We shared our side of the tent with the Vancouver Storytellers Assn, and just next door was the kids' tent with readings, panels, and events going on all day long.



SiWC board members kc dyer and Carol Monaghan at our table. Not even crutches could keep kc dyer from being her usual smiling, cheerful self. Those of you who've been to SiWC before may recognize Carol as our inimitable and beloved MC, even though she didn't wear her deely boppers or her cape.











Lots of friends stopped by. Here we're with Cyndy Hill of the Surrey Public Library. Some of our regular attendees also dropped in, as well as SiWC alum James McCann, Lee Edward Fodi, Bernice Lever, Jack Whyte, and Anthony Dalton. A highlight of the day for us was hearing Anthony describe SiWC as the best writers' conference in the WORLD. Coming from a man who's been to conferences all over this planet, that was pretty amazing to hear. We'll take it!


Among the speakers at the Author's Tent this year were two of SiWC's presenters for this year, Billie Livingston and Jack Whyte.

It was great to meet Billie in person for the first time and catch up with Jack, who's in the middle of a hectic tour for his new book. We look forward to seeing them both again in a few weeks.


If you've never been to WOTS, definitely put it on your calendar for next year. It's a great event, with booksellers and magazine sellers and literacy organizations and entertainment and speakers and family stuff and kid stuff and a silent auction and more than a few booths with free candy (who can say no to free candy?) and much much more. Best of all? It's free!

And in case you ever wondered, apparently blue lollipops are the most popular in the variety pack. Those ones disappeared quickly!