Writing Groups

Judging by the evaluation forms you filled out - and thank you thank you thank you for making the effort; we take them VERY seriously - lots of you loved the chance to meet like-minded colleagues at the conference. (We've heard a whole lot about table 7, for example; some fun was had there, for sure. And we know that wasn't the only place.)

We love that you find new writing buddies when you come to SiWC. But no need to wait until next year if you haven't found just the right group yet. Why not find one here in our comments? Looking for a local writing group to meet with in the flesh? Want an online buddy system to keep you motivated and share your work with? Hoping there's another memoir writer/poet/romance novelist/fantasy writer/whatever you may be out there looking for a critique partner? Post here in our comments. You're undoubtedly not the only one looking, and maybe you'll get lucky and your perfect group will be just a comment away.


I'm not looking but offering!

The well known Port Moody writers' group expanded to two groups last September due to increasing demand.

The new Monday evening (7-9:30pm) group has a couple of spots for the Winter term, but the Thursday morning group is full.

We are a multi-genre bunch of experienced and emerging writers, a few of whom are published and bring much wisdom about the business end of writing, as well as the craft.

We meet in Kyle Centre, off St. John's Street, behind the old city hall. Register by phoning 604.469.4561 and ask for the Monday "Creative Writing" program (a misnomer but that's what it has been called for over 35 years).

Call me (Julie Ferguson) at 604.469.1319 or email me at info@beaconlit.com for more details and assistance.

Hope to have you join us!

I'd be very interested in joining a group in Kelowna! Please email me!!!

A group in Kelowna sounds awesome. There really is nothing in the Okanagan except for a tiny group in Salmon Arm.

For writers on the prairies, the Saskatchewan Romance Writers are always open to new members. We support genre fiction of all kinds and have writers at all stages of publication. At present we have writers in romance, mysteries, westerns, fantasy and even Christian fiction.

Our info, list of published members, a schedule of upcoming meetings, etc can all be found at our website.

A few of us who did NaNoWriMo write-ins together are talking about establishing a writing/critique group in this area. If anyone else might be interested, e-mail me for info: caroljgarvin [at] gmail [dot] com .

While I didn't make it to the 2010 Surrey Conference, I definitely plan to get there in 2011. At this point, I am a published freelancer of many non-fiction/technical articles, and have had a textbook on learning strategies publishede, but am just about to jump into romantic/mystery fiction head first -- and am a little bit nervous.I might even attempt some Christian fiction. In any event, given I am retired, I will be commuting to Mississauga for a Saturday two hour "intro to the novel" course starting at the end of January 2011.

I live in Niagara-on-the-Lake but am open to a group that is near Hamilton/Burlington or south of those locations -- that can meet in the day time or on the weekend while the days are short(as I have night vision problems). In fact, I would even be interested in hosting such a group at my place.

I have an "education" blog so if anyone is interested, just use the Contact Form on the header bar there and I'll give you my private e-mail. www.theretirededucator.com

I am looking for a writers' group in Surrey/ I have started writing a novel for young adults. I could really use some feedback and pointers and am hoping to find a group that meets on weekday mornings in Surrey.

I also am interested in attending a group. Hv you made any progress? I am interested in writing for magazines. Would love to chat.


I've just discovered current comments on kc's 10/28/2008 thread re Writing Group in this area. "Anonymous on Tue, 08/24/2010" and "MJ Johnston" both responded, but since the thread was old their comments were missed. We're uncovering more interest for a group in this area so if you'd like information please e-mail me: caroljgarvin [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks.

I wish I was writing to offer some space in our group but we are probably at our capacity :)

I just wanted to encourage people that, even if there are no groups in your area, just try to find a few other writers and create your own. There are lots of great books and websites on how to set it up.

Our group has been going for years. It has been amazingly helpful to get such constructive feedback.

We've all improved because of it.

Good luck and happy writing.

Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows (and possibly Port Coquitlam and Mission) writers:

Three of us are organizing a regular critique meet up at The Act in Maple Ridge.

We are working to build our local writing community and would love to have you join us. If there is interest (and help - hint, hint) we will be planning other events.

The group will break into smaller groups if it gets to large, so the more the merrier. :-)

For more information, please email me at educationwatch@gmail.com


I belong to a well established group which is looking to add one or two more writers, preferably published. We meet every two weeks and critique each other's written work (up to thirty pages). It's an ideal group if you want the discipline of a polished chapter or so every two weeks. We're fiction, although we have done a little non-fiction. No poetry-we're seriously challenged there. Current members range from fantasy, chick lit, literary, historical and YA. If you're interested, please paste a couple of pages into your reply.