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Hola writing comrades,

Hope all of you who choose to are NaNo-ing up a storm today. What better way to forget the storms of November than to write your way through them? Speaking personally, I've never actually NaNoWriMo'd, though November has always been an excellent writing month for me. [See -- storms, above.]

However, when you need to connect with all those other writers out there to share your pain, what to do? What to do, indeed! Those of you clever sorts who attended our Saturday panel on social media for writers know how -- social media, of course! So for those who attended our slammin' panel, and even for those who missed out, here are links to as many of the topics covered as I can remember. As always, if you have any specific questions, I'm happy to answer -- just ping me on the internets and my ears will all be yours!

To begin -- contact info: [website, email, twitter, facebook, etc]

Moderator kc dyer -- www.kcdyer.com, author.kc.dyer@gmail.com, @kcdyer on twitter, kc dyer on facebook, google plus, linked in and elsewhere.


Rebecca Bolwitt -- aka Miss 604 -- http://www.miss604.com/, @Miss604.com on twitter, Miss604 on Facebook and elsewhere.

Sean Cranbury -- http://seancranbury.com , http://booksontheradio.ca/, http://adventbookblog.com/, seancranbury@gmail.com, @seancranbury on twitter, sean cranbury on facebook and all around the internets

Kathleen Ortiz -- http://kortizzle.blogspot.com,  @kortizzle on twitter, Kathleen Ortiz on facebook and elsewhere.


[Two panelists, caught in flagrente social media. Sean was off reading the newspapers...]

Other resources:

Sean Cranbury's slideshare site: http://www.slideshare.net/cranbury

W2, Vancouver's downtown eastside Media Centre: http://www.creativetechnology.org/

Miss 604's Social Media 101 slide show online: http://www.slideshare.net/miss604/social-media-101-surrey-international-writers-conference

Inky Elbow's Twitter guide for writers: http://inkygirl.com/twitter-chats-for-writers/

SiWC's website, blog and online writing community: www.siwc.ca [you're here!]

Need more? Contact  me-- kc -- any time.




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